As I close my eyes, there are some smiles which appear in my train of thought and I watch them pass by.

One is of Shankar, the beggar on the pavement in the Kamakhya temple at Guwahati. As I was shooting all the vermilion-d pink goats which were walking past, he asked me ‘Kya aap ye sare bakriyon ka photo le rahe ho’, I said ‘Han mujhe pink color bakriyan aur kahan pe milne wale hen’. I couldnt but notice a strange depth in his eyes.

Shankar-The Wise

Surendranath Baul and his brother, of the traditional baul singers. I believe it is a fortune to meet a Baul singer, singers whose life revolves around music and little else. Listening to this duo mesmerized me. At times of distress this song brings back smile and peace.

The Baul Brothers

The third is of this boy, whose smile pushed me to tears for I do not wish to see him in the way that he his. He was a seller of whatnots on the Bombay local with a set of the most intelligent eyes and a wonder-filled smile. My silent prayer is may him be educated to look at the beauty of the world around him. May him be taken away from the miseries which are ruling his life pushing him into business at this young age.

IMG_1118My Deep Sigh

There is a joy in watching interactions, acts of kindness and random friendly gestures. The friendship of Meenakshi and Jayashree remains etched in my mind. A eunuch and a cripple in that jerky train standing at the best spot in the compartment-The Doorway. Sharing their love for one cup of Chai. I wish I could have just walked upto them and said ‘Mein Bhi Aaun?’ (May I also join you).


IMG_1155Jaishree and Meenakshi on Chai and more

The Jump…. Now, that and the reaction is history!